Today marks an important stage in the growth of Mojave Brewing Company and we are thrilled! Until now we have had a relatively small team of people working on the brewery. Starting today, you have the opportunity to join the Founders Club!

I knew when I started working on Mojave Brewing Company, that I wanted to have a mug club. What I didn’t envision, until a few years into the development of this brewery, was that the Founders Club could be much more than a special mug with a larger volume. I was working on the business plans, which have been in a state of constant evolution throughout the years, when I took a break to sit down for a pint of beer with some valued friends. When conversation found its way to the topic of the brewery, I shared some of the decisions that I was struggling with and it was incredible how the opinions of others helped solidify some of the choices I made. Those friends were my first Founders.

The reason I present this story to you, on the day that my invitation to become a Founder goes public, is to provide perspective on what I hope the Founders Club will continue to be as you join. Mojave Brewing Company will continue to evolve and grow as a brewery and pub. I welcome suggestions from anyone who cares to comment on what we are already brewing and presenting at the beer, cider and wine bar. But, the Founders will be invited to have access to plans for future changes, including pilot runs of cider and beer that we plan to create for production in the future, early access to limited edition beers and yes the opportunity to sit down with me, in the vault, for a pint and some planning. In essence, Founders will be invited to share in some of the fun of steering Mojave Brewing’s growth.

So, along with access to the vault, your assigned Safety Deposit Box and 20-oz mug, the Founders Club Newsletter will always show invitations to additional tasting and social activities. Join now and help us build the Mojave Brewing Company Community!