Founders Mug Club


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Limited to 100 Members

$250 for first year membership [ $50 renewal each year after ]

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As a founder you will:

  1. Receive an invitation to our soft opening party for our Founders where you will be able to choose your mug.

  2. Receive an old school safety deposit box in the vault. This will be your Mojave Brewing Safety Deposit Box where every Month you will find a thank you gift from us to you.

  3. Receive access to the vault with one other guest unless it has been reserved for a private party.

  4. ALWAYS Receive a 20% discount when reserving the vault for a party or activity.

  5. Receive early access to beer events and new beer release parties.

THE MUG (Platinum Members Only)

At the soft opening specifically for Founders Platinum Founders will have the opportunity to purchase a founders mug. The mug is a 20oz pour that will be kept at the brewery tasting room for your use. Ownership of a mug allows for you to receive a larger pour (20oz) for our pint (16oz) glass pours.* You are welcome to do the math, but eventually your mug will pay for itself IN DELICIOUS BEER and CIDER. Each mug is individual. Mojave Brewing’s ceramic artist, Aerika has been working to create the 100 mugs that are distinct and individual. Each mug is numbered. We will have a silent auction for the mugs numbered 1-15.

*Naturally, some restrictions will apply (e.g. Non 16 oz pours).