When was the last time you enjoyed an excellent local craft beer? Mojave Brewing Company is joining the small community of skilled professional brewers that bring independent craft beer to Las Vegas and Henderson. Mojave Brewing will be a ten barrel brewery that specializes in ales, lagers and ciders – produced and sold fresh on site.

Our Beers


“I love Mojave Brewing Company! The beers are amazing and you have to try their cider!”


“Griff brews an awesome beer. Okay, Griff brews a lot of awesome beers!”

“Mojave Brewing’s Passionfruit Peach Cider made for a refreshing treat on a hot day. The peach and passionfruit complement each other to create a sweet but not too sweet blend of ripe fruit with a clean finish. This cider is easy to drink, flavorful, and balanced. Mojave Brewing has nailed another winner!”


“Tripel and Bones Brigade IPA rival the competition. FireWolves with it’s sneaky good smoothness will have you wanting more, but beware, it packs a punch.

The Bones Brigade IPA is a palette pleaser. Even before the first sip you know you’re in for a treat: The aroma, color and taste make this the zenith of IPAs.”


“I really really love Mojave beers!”

BETI KRISTOF, Nevada Beer Quest

“Yum! Mojave Brewing’s beer is a delicious departure from my everyday beer…. but then I think, this is sooo good it should be my everyday beer.” #shotgunweddingbeer



We are a family owned brewery and cider house. We are proud of that. We are also proud to be in the historic Henderson Water Street District.


Griff has been brewing beer since 1992. He has worked consistently to improve his skills. Griff has numerous local and national awards to show for this.


Commitment to sourcing the best ingredients and providing the freshest best beer and cider in Nevada is our passion. We have been focused on this as our goal since this brewery was just a pile of recipes and a couple empty pint glasses.